DEED Best Papers: ASEE 2015


  • WINNER: The Impact of Teaming and Cognitive Style on Student Perceptions of Design Ideation Outcomes, Dr. Kathryn W. Jablokow (Pennsylvania State University, Great Valley), Mr. Wesley Teerlink (Penn State University), Dr. Seda Yilmaz (Iowa State University), Dr. Shanna R. Daly (University of Michigan), and Eli M. Silk (Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey) [view paper]
  • Finalist: Aesthetics of Design: A Case Study of a Course, Ms. Katherine Goodman (University of Colorado, Boulder), Dr. Hunter Porterfield Ewen (University of Colorado, Boulder), Mr. Jiffer W Harriman Jr (University of Colorado), and Dr. Jean Hertzberg (University of Colorado, Boulder) [view paper]
  • Finalist: Exploring the Impact of Cognitive Preferences on Student Receptivity to Design Thinking, Ms. Jessica Menold (Pennsylvania State University, University Park), Dr. Kathryn W. Jablokow (Pennsylvania State University, Great Valley), Prof. Elizabeth C. Kisenwether (Pennsylvania State University, University Park), and Dr. Sarah E Zappe (Pennsylvania State University, University Park) [view paper]
  • Finalist: Valuing and Engaging Stakeholders: The Effects of Engineering Students’ Interactions During Capstone Design, Ibrahim Mohedas (University of Michigan), Grace Louise Cravens (Sienko Research Group), Dr. Shanna R. Daly (University of Michigan), and Dr. Kathleen H. Sienko (University of Michigan) [view paper]
  • Finalist: Guardian Angels of Our Better Nature: Finding Evidence of the Benefits of Design Thinking, Dr. Luke David Conlin (Stanford University), Doris B Chin Ph.D. (Stanford Graduate School of Education), Dr. Kristen Pilner Blair (Stanford University), Dr. Maria Cutumisu (Stanford University), and Prof. Daniel L Schwartz (Stanford University) [view paper]

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