DEED Best Papers

The 2018 Best DEED Paper winner was:

The ‘Structured’ Engineering Design Notebook: A New Tool for Design Thinking within a Studio Design Course, Ms. Kristen Clapper Bergsman (University of Washington) [view paper]

The 2018 Best DEED Paper finalists were:

Exploring Students’ Product Design Concept Generation and Development Practices, Mr. Jin Woo Lee,  Dr. Shanna R. Daly, and Mr. Varghese Ittoop Vadakumcherry  (University of Michigan) [view paper]

Use of Active Learning and the Design Thinking Process to Drive Creative Sustainable Engineering Design Solutions, Dr. Renee M. Clark,  Ms. Lisa Marie Stabryla, Dr. Leanne M. Gilbertson (University of Pittsburgh) [view paper]

The Write Background Makes a Difference: What Research and Writing Skills Can Predict about Capstone Project Success, Dr. Kris Jaeger-Helton and Dr. Bridget M. Smyser  (Northeastern University) [view paper]

New Engineers’ First Three Months: A Study of the Transition from Capstone Design Courses to Workplaces, Chris Gewirtz (Virginia Tech), Dr. Daria A. Kotys-Schwartz (University of Colorado, Boulder), Dr. Daniel Knight (University of Colorado, Boulder), Dr. Marie C. Paretti (Virginia Tech), Mr. Sidharth Arunkumar, Prof. Julie Dyke Ford (New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology), Dr. Susannah Howe (Smith College), Ms. Laura Mae Rosenbauer (Smith College), Mr. Nicholas Emory Alvarez (New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology), Ms. Jessica Deters (Virginia Tech), Mr. Cristian Hernandez [view paper]

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 DEED Outstanding Service Award

Nominations are now being accepted for the DEED 2019 Outstanding Service Award.  A description of the award can be found here: [view call for nominees]

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Student Essay Competition

The Student Essay Competition topic for 2018 was: What do you need to better learn engineering analysis?  The competition rules can be found here: [view competition guidelines]


The awardees for the Student Essay contest were:


Hadi Ali (Arizona State University), “Educated Human Judgement: Design and Analysis: Where to probe, and where to pass- by?”  [view paper]


Jack Ruggless (Western Michigan University), “Better Integrating of Engineering Design and Analysis into Engineering Education” [view paper]

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