DEED Best Papers

The 2019 Best DEED Paper winner was:

Dr.Giovanna Scalone, Aaron Justin Joya, Kathryn Shroyer, Dr. Cynthia Atman “Design Intentions: Engineering Students Looking Ahead to their Future Design Behavior” [view paper]

The 2019 Best DEED Paper finalists were:

Mr. Robert Lowell, Dr. Shanna Daly, Dr. Kathleen Sienko, Mrs. Amy Hortop, Ms. Elizabeth Stehl, “Student Designers’ Interactions with Users in Capstone Design Projects: A Comparison Across Teams”  [view paper]

Dr. Susannah Howe, Prof. Robin Ott, Dr. Marie Paretti, Mr. Cristian Hernandez, Jessica Deters, Chris Gewirtz, Francesca Giardine, Anne Kary, “Women’s Experience in the Transition from Capstone Design Courses to Engineering Work Places”  [view paper]

Eric Reynolds Brubaker, Vikas Maturi, Dr. Barbara Karanian, Dr. Sheri Sheppard, Prof. David Beach, “Integrating Mind, Hand, and Heart: How Students Are Transformed by Hands-on Designing and Making”  [view paper]

Dr. Elizabeth Starkey, Dr. Scarlet Miller, Prof. Samuel Hunter, “Deploying Virtual Product Dissection Lesson Modules in Introductory Engineering Classrooms: A Research-driven Approach”  [view paper]

Elizabeth Kames, Devanshi Shah, Miss McKenzie Clark, Dr. Beshoy Morkos, “A Mixed Methods Analysis of Motivation Factors in Senior Capstone Design Courses” [view paper]

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Student Essay Competition

The Student Essay Competition topic for 2018 was: What role should artificial intelligence play in engineering design education?  The competition rules can be found here: [view competition guidelines]

The awardees for the Student Essay contest were:


Francis Fish, Georgia Institute of Technology, “A Brief Overview of the Pros and Cons of AI in Engineering Design.” 

Elisabeth Kames, Florida Institute of Technology, “Addressing the Possibilities: The Benefits of Implementing Artificial Intelligence in Engineering Design Education”  

Devanshi Shah, Florida Institute of Technology, “Artificial Intelligence: A path humans can pave to future.”  


Katherine Tanner, The Ohio State University, “If you build it, they will break it.” 

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DEED Outstanding Service Award

[view DEED outstanding service award winners from previous years]

DEED Student Essay Competition

Submissions for the DEED 2019 Student Essay Competition are now closed.  A description of the competition can be found here: [view competition rules]


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